Braided Curly


Braided Curly Purpose. 

I am a black woman. This is for black hair. From a black perspective.

   Braided Curly is a space I’ve created to flaunt natural hair proudly. We ain’t here to satisfy anyone’s appetite for what’s politically correct or for what they THINK our hair should be.

   Braided Curly is here to get what’s correct for us and our natural hair. Whether it be in its absolute natural hair state, braids, or a braid out and a large number of other possible styles that we have created, trended and made popular.

   Styles that work in the workplace, being active or even styles recommended for dates. You will find all of that right here at your fingertips. 

   We are beautiful black women and should be able to wear our natural hair how we want, what color we want and what style we want. Texture and length ain’t what’s important, is your natural hair healthy and are you happy with it?  This is the reason for braided curly.



Naturally Helping Others.

   So, let’s figure out where you want to be with your hair, how you want to feel and we will make it work. Since I have a lot of hands on experience I’ll give all natural hair tips I have because what use is it keeping it to myself when I can help others. 

   Braids and curls are the two major styles I switch between. As a result, Braided Curly got its name.  Although, I do straighten my hair from time to time. The flow of your natural hair when it’s healthy, grown out and then you straighten it  feels good. Hence the reason for all the wigs and weave I used to wear to emulate the feeling.

   While, I’ve gone from wigs and weave and hanging on to my edges. On to full hair, edges intact and filled in. Never have I felt more confident in myself, going the natural hair route has been good to me, and I know it will be good for you as well.

   Now, I will provide a information to help you gain CONFIDENCE, COMFORTABILITY and if people got somethin’ to say, CUSS THEM OUT!  

I’m joking……not really.

Welcome to Braided Curly. 


How To Start Going Natural.

Why not wear your natural curly hair?

Sometimes you have to question yourself to see what the answer is. I’ve been growing my hair out for 3 years now. When I first started my confidence level was super low. I felt like an idiot without weave or wigs. My edges….I did have edges but let me tell you, they were THIN. I mean THIN, THIN, THINNNNN! I hated the thought of people looking at me and thinking where did her edges go? I didn’t believe there were any pretty natural hairstyles. I never really gave it thought on what hairdo’s for natural hair I would ever use had I ever became a natural hair black girl. It never crossed my mind.


Growing Confidence in your natural black woman hair.

I started off looking for african hairstyles for natural hair, because I figured if anyone knows about doing natural black girl hair, it would be Africans straight from Africa. Found some good african hair tips too. (link here)  During this natural hair journey I’ve learned a lot from all kinds of different places though. I’ve learned the being a black woman with natural hair took a lot to become. Breaking the old habits of weave and wigs, along with straightening my natural hair all the time didn’t come easy. Well, eventually it did with the right information and all the right things I found to put in my hair, which there are a lot of different natural hair remedies.


Find what works for your natural hair.

It’s part of the reason I make this site about braids and curls. I want this to be a source of natural black hair information that the next girl on her journey, can use all the research I took hours upon hours to find.


braids-back natural hair braided curly

The beautiful braids on black hair.

While the natural hair black woman, is usually thought of as having a natural curly black hair, this includes afro’s. Braids are actually a natural hairstyle and braids are something I feel should be widely accepted as a pretty, beautiful and elegant style. They’ve deemed braids as more thuggish or edgy, when that is not what they are.

I’m going to stop ranting now. Lol. Feel free to contact me by email or via social media. I’m open to all types of conversation! Thank you for coming to my site!